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UNLEYEK (spelled /ʌnˈlʌɪk/) is an Award-winning pioneering production company that leverages innovative technologies to create compelling community-based stories.


Our mission is to redefine storytelling by embracing new technologies such as blockchain, virtual production, and combine with traditional film techniques to engage and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

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a new lens

Unleyek  aims to democratise  content, through funding and creating films through new media.

Embracing new technologies, such as blockchain, VP and platforms, we aim to empower creators to maintain control of their projects and have power over their distribution.


We feel passionately about  uncovering hidden stories to light for global audiences, and move away from studios formulaic content. As studios continue to create conventional films, we aim to collaborate with others to touch on never-seen-before topics, bringing audiences diverse content.


Martina Russo


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Award-winning Producer and alumna of the prestigious National Film Television School , Martina has gone on to win the esteemed Discovery Channel UK competition. In 2020, she was engaged in the production of global TV programmes such as Discovery Channel’s productions Born Mucky S3 and The Curse of the Highgate Vampire.  She has also collaborated with prestigious universities such as Brunel University London, and Hult Business School (ranked in the top 15 globally), supporting diverse women-led start-ups.


2021 was a great year and brought her to open up her own production company, Unleyek, already awarded at various BAFTA-and Oscar qualifying festivals. Same year, Martina has won the Pears Fund competition and produced Make Me A King, a fiction short film for the Jewish Film Festival 2021 with Netflix Director Sofia Olins and Oscar winner Editor Amanda James (The Last Goodbye). The short film, Make Me A King, is consulted by BAFTA-winning director Sarah Gavron (Suffragette, 2015) and has gained support of important LGBTQI+ communities, venues and global brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, official partner. The project is now BAFTA qualified and has been accepted in 30+ across the globe in its first six months and we are now running for BAFTA.  Even if one-year-born, Martina’s production company, Unleyek, has featured in prestigious publications and press, such as Forbes UK, Il Corriere della Sera, Dazed, Gscene, and more. Martina has also been invited to Cannes Film Festival 2022 by Variety for presenting how NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can support independent filmmakers and producers. Martina is now in distribution of the film NIA, which she has produced for BBC Films.

Unleyek has produced 6 short films in the first 1.5 years and 2023 will develop a portfolio of features with a group of private investors.


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Veronika Slowinska

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communications and productions


Natalie Arle-Toyne



Stefano Trucco

Script analyst

Stefano provides customers with script consultancy and notes on their scripts to make their stories reach their true potential.

Stefano is a Script Analyst for Netflix International Originals. He is responsible for assessing incoming screenplays and projects and providing editing notes. Trained in screenwriting and script editing at the London College of Communication and with a background in Comparative Studies, Stefano now collaborates with professionals and creatives all over Europe.



Giacomo Pollesel


Veronika has considerable experience in graphic design and social media management. She is pursuing BA in Philosophy with Art History in London. She believes that developing a philosophical framework, forces us to keep moving, seeing beyond, and passing the barrier of just imitating life.


In 2019, as a project manager of the Start-up Society, she co-organised the ‘Fight for Democracy’ debate for teenagers. Currently, she is the Head of Graphic Design at Res Publica Politics, a highly commended interdisciplinary magazine.



Abstract Lines


Natalie is an award-winning Scottish-based writer, lyricist and actress. She studied screenwriting at the prestigious National Film and Television School, acting at HB Studio in NYC, and has her MA Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


In a previous life, Natalie did her undergraduate in Educational Psychology and still works with charities enabling and empowering young people.

Most recently Natalie was shortlisted for the Alpine Fellowship 2020 award for writing and won the 2020 John Byrne Award for Community and Society.

Natalie also founded NEW INCK theatre to tell hidden stories that often go unnoticed, 'Scenes Unseen'  brought together unseen gems from Alan Ayckbourn, Patrick Marber and Athol Fugard, with world premieres from emerging Scottish playwrights. It was hailed by critics as ‘...that rare beast...a bold theatrical experiment that is also remarkably entertaining’ (Times****).

As a professional actress, Natalie’s worked extensively in the UK for large houses like the Royal Lyceum Theatre and National Theatre Scotland, and her one-woman comedy shows have toured the world. Most recently, Natalie played comedic Siobhan in BAFTA-nominated feature ‘Only You’, Eve in the pilot 'Fail' for BBC and the Comedy Unit and 'Dr Bicknell' in River City (BBC).  You'll also hear her lyrics in the Netflix feature Yaz '96 being released early 2021.


Giacomo is a collaborator responsible of the technical aspects related to blockchain and computer-generated designing aspects of production.

He is an incredible designer, developer, and engineer. He has always been passionate about the relationship between physical and digital working with global brands as Vans and The North Face. Giacomo started Officine19 as an experimental space for exploring these interactions, a call for a conversation about the relationship between art and engineering, he creates arts using computer algorithms fusing science, technology, and maths.

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