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Disrupt the media industry by democratising the process

Unleyek is working on a Blockchain-based business model with the mission to enable female filmmakers to fund and distribute commercially viable projects while retaining their own freedom and digital rights


Our scopes:

- Support Female Filmmakers and NFT creators
14% of directors and seven per cent of cinematographers were women across 3,452 UK films in production between 2003 and 2015.*
*Findings from Calling the Shots

Female artists accounted for just 5% of all sales in the NFT world in the last 21 months.

- Empower creators to maintain control of their projects
2019 saw £1.747 billion being spent and only 21 studio-backed films accounted for 71% of the total spend on all production. The market is still growing. But this data outlines how big studio productions monopolise the market, making it continuously harder for independent film-makers to cut through and compete with such high- budget films.

- Protecting creators IP
IP rights help creators or of rights by preventing others from using their works without their permission. In the film industry, like many others, protecting the IP of a script is challenging. Filmmakers can copyright their script, but they need to be very careful while sharing their ideas with Bigger Fishes. They could buy them out or re-make their own versions. In addition, with new SVOD constantly launching and content multiplying, film and TV piracy is mounting a comeback.

Through blockchain can also record and authenticate their content on the blockchain to prevent piracy and identity theft. Benefits of blockchain in films:

Democratisation: High-budget film production and the massive gross revenues generated by the most prominent film franchises of all time, Hollywood is controlled by five major studios and a handful of streaming services. With Blockchain everyone can support the next great movie and generate income.
Transparency: Blockchain does not allow obscure or hidden bookkeeping. 
Automation: A smart contract is a self-fulfilling contract that does not require an attorney or third party to perform.

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