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Our NFT documentary Minted in partnership with SuperRare

The art industry's metamorphosis into NFTs has been one of the most abrupt, paradigm-shifting events in modern art history. The headlining sales in early 2021 marked a pivotal cultural moment, bringing about a new, dynamic and democratic era for the art industry.

Minted is a look inside what the #NFTart industry is, a journey of how we got here, and where there is still to go. Exploring artists' philosophies behind their drive for a more crypto-integrated world, Minted will showcase the everyday in the whirlwind that is NFTs and the first steps into being non-conformist.

A feature-length collaborative documentary about NFTs, funded by The Minted Series, a curated collection of #NFTs, with the film also being distributed on the blockchain. Minted will be a cinematic story to illuminate viewers about blockchain technology applied in the realm of art.

Our contributors consist of Krista Kim, Lans King, Olivier Sarrouy, Kenny Schachter, Scott Stornetta and Georg Bak amongst other talents in the field.

As independent filmmakers, we want to continue how NFTs have democratised the art space into the realm of film. By going straight to our consumers, we can provide full transparency and a collective experience in our films production, whilst simultaneously paving the way for other filmmakers to have sovereignty over their own work

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