Make Me A King

Ari performs as a Jewish Drag King, much to the confusion of their family. Idolising real-life hero, Pepi Littman, who carved out a space for Drag Kings over 100 years ago, they use this history to open up a space for acceptance in the present.

As winner of the "Best Shorts" of the Pears Competition 2021 at UK Jewish Film, the film premiered in November 2021 at the Phoenix Cinema during the BAFTA-qualifying Jewish Film Festival.

Director: Sofia Olins
Writer: Natalie Are-Toyne
Producer: Martina Russo
Exec Producer: Michael Etherton, Judy Ironside MBE
DOP: Anthony Lucas
Editor: Amanda James
Sound Design: Rich Martin
Composer: Oguz Kaplangi
Production Design: Annabelle Fulcher, Neil Kendall
Costume Design: Sally Hodgson
Hair & Makeup: Hayley Young
Casting: Anna Dawson
Cast: Libby Mai, Ben Caplan, Laurel Lefkow, LJ Parkinson, Rebecca Banatvala

FESTIVALS: UK Jewish Film Festival November 2021

Sponsors and Partners:

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A collaborative feature-documentary, entering into the world of art NFTism

Minted will explore the rabbit hole that is NFTs within the art industry. We will uncover the communities that have built a market with trade of over $18bn in 2021 alone. With exclusive access to some of the most prominent artists from the industry Krista Kim to Kenny Schachter, Jason Bailey, Lans King, Robert Alice, Andrea Bonaceto, and Beeple.

The first feature-length documentaries funded through NFT art, about NFT art with hope to distribute as an NFT also. 

A feature-length collaborative documentary about NFTs, funded by The Minted Series, a curated collection of NFTs, with the film also being distributed on the blockchain. Minted will be a cinematic story to educate and illuminate audiences about web3 and blockchain technology applied in the realm of art.




This documentary shows the story of a team of world-renowned scientists, one step away from a revolutionary discovery that could save millions of lives.
A "super-molecule" capable of killing almost any virus safely inside a human body. Can this team change the future for all of us?
Brought to you by writer and director Alessandro Mamoli, who is a Sky Studio and Sky ITA Producer and Journalist. In collaboration with the University of Lausanne (EPFL), Unleyek has exclusive access to the story behind this revolutionary scientific research.

Vimeo Password: supramolecular