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The Minted Series

A documentary on NFT art, funded through this collection of NFTs

The Minted Series is here to fund the documentary, Minted, using the power of NFTs boasting a new dynamic and democratic era for the art industry. 2021 has marked a pivotal cultural moment, which Minted will showcase with a look inside what the NFT art industry is, a journey of how we got here, and where there is still to go. Exploring artists' philosophies behind their drive for a more crypto-integrated world, Minted will explore the everyday within the whirlwind that is NFTs, and what it means to be non-conformist. The Minted Series is a collaborative collection to encapsulate the democratic revolution that has been one of the most abrupt, paradigm-shifting moments in modern art history. The artists involved have donated pieces that will go towards The Minted Film, highlighting the generosity and incredible talent within the NFT market and SuperRare Community. We aim to raise 64 ETH, where 100% will directly go towards the production. The Minted Series aims to utilize the benefits and freedom NFTs have enabled artists, bringing those properties into how we fund independent film. Similar to the nature of the traditional art market, independent filmmakers have long struggled to keep sovereignty over their own work. With credit and profit grabbing rife in the film industry, many filmmakers go uncredited for their work and are powerless to carry out their vision to big studios and investors, receiving little-to-no payment. The Minted Series is not just to exhibit emerging and established talent in the field, showcasing the vast pioneering creativity NFTs have allowed in modern art, but an invitation to join The Minted Film and be a part of the first documentary about NFTs, funded by NFTs and eventually distributed as an NFT. The community of collectors will bring the investor, consumer and creator closer together for a new approach to filmmaking. We hope to introduce the collaborative nature of NFT communities into the realm of film, to combat prevalent biases through democratization and non-conformism. With our end product, The Minted Film, showcasing the art industry’s metamorphosis into a more autonomous climate for creators.

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